Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
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2003 | [current year]

    CERCS Technical Reports 2003

  • GIT-CERCS-03-01 Abstract PDF
    Raj Krishamurty,
    GT ShareStreams Industry Products Addendum

  • GIT-CERCS-03-02 Abstract PDF
    Manish Jain, Ravi Prasad, Constantinos Dovrolis,
    The TCP Bandwidth-Delay Product revisited: network buffering, cross traffic, and socket buffer auto-sizing

  • GIT-CERCS-03-03 Abstract PDF
    Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Pinar Korkmaz, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    Choice Predictor for Free

  • GIT-CERCS-03-04 Abstract PDF
    Kalyan S. Perumalla,
    Generating Perfect Reversals of Simple Linear-Codes

  • GIT-CERCS-03-05 Abstract PDF
    Joshua B. Fryman, Chad M. Huneycutt, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee, Kenneth M. Mackenzie, David E. Schimmel,
    Energy Efficient Network Memory for Ubiquitous Devices

  • GIT-CERCS-03-06 Abstract PDF
    Joshua B. Fryman, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee, Chad M. Huneycutt, Naila F. Farooqui, Kenneth M. Mackenzie, David E. Schimmel,
    SoftCache: A Technique for Power and Area Reduction in Embedded Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-03-07 Abstract PDF
    Kyoung-Keun Lee, Edward J. Paradise, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Thermal-driven Circuit Partitioning and Floorplanning with Power Optimization

  • GIT-CERCS-03-08 Abstract PDF
    Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Simultaneous Delay and Power Optimization for Multi-level Partitioning and Floorplanning with Retiming

  • GIT-CERCS-03-09 Abstract PDF
    Sung Kyu Lim,
    Physical Layout Automation for System-On-Packages

  • GIT-CERCS-03-10 Abstract PDF
    Alessandro Orso, Saurabh Sinha, Mary Jean Harrold,
    Understanding Data Dependences in the Presence of Pointers

  • GIT-CERCS-03-11 Abstract PDF
    Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Performance-driven Global Placement via Adaptive Network Characterization

  • GIT-CERCS-03-12 Abstract PDF
    Jacob Rajkumar Minz, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Layer Assignment for System on Packages

  • GIT-CERCS-03-13 Abstract PDF
    Pun H Shiu, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Multi-layer Floorplanning for Reliable System-on-Package

  • GIT-CERCS-03-14 Abstract PDF
    Jacob Minz, Mohit Pathak, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Global Routing Paradigm for System-on-Package

  • GIT-CERCS-03-15 Abstract PDF
    Taeweon Suh, Douglas M. Blough, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    Supporting Cache Coherence in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-03-16 Abstract PDF
    Karthik Balakrishnan, Vidit Nanda, Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Impact of Multi-level Clustering on Performance Driven Global Placement

  • GIT-CERCS-03-17 Abstract PostScript
    Panagiotis Manolios, Sudarshan K. Srinivasan,
    Automatic Verification of Safety and Liveness for XScale-Like Processor Models Using WEB-Refinements

  • GIT-CERCS-03-18 Abstract PDF
    David Robinson, Karsten Schwan,
    Dynamic Management of Cooperating Peers in Wireless Embedded Systems: An Approach Driven by Information Quality

  • GIT-CERCS-03-19 Abstract PDF
    James F. Bowring, James M. Rehg, Mary Jean Harrold,
    Software Behavior: Automatic Classification and its Applications

  • GIT-CERCS-03-20 Abstract PDF
    Jean Nguyen, Ramprasad Ravichandran, Sung Kyu Lim, Michael Niemier,
    Global Placement for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Based Circuits

  • GIT-CERCS-03-21 Abstract PDF
    Xiaotong Zhuang, Tao Zhang, Santosh Pande, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    HIDE: Hardware-support for Leakage-Immune Dynamic Execution

  • GIT-CERCS-03-22 Abstract PDF
    Yair Wiseman, Karsten Schwan, Patrick Widener,
    Efficient End to End Data Exchange Using Configurable Compression

  • GIT-CERCS-03-23 Abstract PDF
    Mudhakar Srivatsa, Bugra Gedik, Ling Liu,
    Improving Peer to Peer Search With Multi-Tier Capability-Aware Overlay Topologies

  • GIT-CERCS-03-24 Abstract PDF
    Jacob Rajkumar Minz, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Global Routing for Three Dimensional Packaging

  • GIT-CERCS-03-25 Abstract PDF
    Xiang Song, Namgeun Jeong, Phillip W. Hutto, Umakishore Ramachandran, James M. Rehg,
    State Management in .NET Web Services

  • GIT-CERCS-03-26 Abstract PDF
    James Caverlee, Ling Liu, Daniel Rocco,
    Discovering and Ranking Data Intensive Web Services: A Source-Biased Approach

  • GIT-CERCS-03-27 Abstract PDF
    Vidit Nanda, Karthik Balakrishnan, Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Congestion-Driven Global Placement for Three Dimensional VLSI Circuits

  • GIT-CERCS-03-28 Abstract PDF
    Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Jacob R. Minz, Thaisiri Watewai, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee, Sung Kyu Lim,
    Profile-Guided Microarchitectural Floorplanning for Deep Submicron Processor Design

  • GIT-CERCS-03-29 Abstract PDF
    Zachary Kurmas, Kimberly Keeton, Kenneth Mackenzie,
    Synthesizing Representative I/O Workloads Using Iterative Distillation

  • GIT-CERCS-03-30 Abstract PDF
    Balasubramanian Seshasayee, Karsten Schwan, Patrick Widener,
    SOAP-binQ: High Performance SOAP with Continuous Quality Management

  • GIT-CERCS-03-31 Abstract PDF
    Ramprasad Ravichandran, Nihal Ladiwala, Jean Nguyen, Sung Kyu Lim, Mike Niemier,
    Automatic Placement for Quantum Cell Automata
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