Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
in Computer Systems

CERCS Mission

CERCS mission is to lead the innovation of new information and computing technologies, to construct the interactive information grids of the future, and to create the intellectual capital that can advance these technologies and fuel future advances. Its research thrust include:
Scientific/Technical Computing
  • Data intensive
  • Focus: Domain-specific Grid technologies - GT Teragrid
  • Key Projects:
    M-WARE, Federated Simulation, Netreact, Scientific Data Exchange, Smartpointer, Access Grid
  • Industry Funded Projects and Donations
      Message Evolution in High Performance Distributed Systems - middleware - Greg Eisenhauer, CoC. (seed funding)
      Benchmark Development for Interactive Grid Applications - Matt Wolf, CoC. (seed funding)
      Differential Data Protection in Dynamic Distributed Systems - Karsten Schwan (Patrick Widener - fellowship), CoC. (Intel)
      Infrastructure Sponsors - Cisco, HP, Intel, NSF, Dell
  • Funded CERCS Research
Enterprise Computing
Embedded Computing
  • Extending the domain of the Grid across the wireless infrastructure
  • Focus: Software services for remote access to information
  • Key Projects:
    MORPH, Infosphere, GAMMA, Ubiquitous Computing, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, DEOS, Stampede, Testing, Power-aware operation, Wireless and embedded communications, GT Network Processors Group
  • Industry Funded Projects and Donations
      SOLAR - Semantics-Oriented Low-power Architecture - power awareness at the chip level - Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee, ECE. (seed funding)
      Software Verification through Interface Analysis and Change Impact Analysis - Mary Jean Harrold, CoC. (Boeing)
      Stampede.NET - Networked Sensors and Displays for Distributed Telepresence - Umakishore Ramachandran and James M. Rehg, CoC. (Microsoft)
      Infrastructure Sponsors - Intel
  • Funded CERCS Research

Currently funded projects -- complete descriptions of ongoing research appear in individual faculty members' web pages.

CERCS Technical Reports, published by researchers associated with the Center, offer additional information on ongoing research.

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