Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
in Computer Systems


CERCS students have their homes either in the College of Computing or the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. For undergraduate admission, refer to the undergraduate enrollment pages at Georgia Tech. For admission in graduate programs, see the corresponding pages for Computer Science (M.S., Ph.D.), or Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.).


CERCS faculty teach a large variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. The undergraduate courses are intended to provide students with the tools to be successful in both graduate school and in their chosen professions. Some undergraduate electives are prerequisites to graduate sequences, or are required for a particular specialization area. The graduate course offerings are for both Masters- and Ph.D.-level students in the Computer Science or Computer Engineering areas.

For more details on course offerings, schedules and instructors refer to the OSCAR Web or the Systems Education pages (for CS classes only).

  • Undergraduate
Computer ScienceElectrical & Computer Engineering
CS2130 Languages and Translation (was CS 2330)
CS2200 Computer Systems and Networks
CS3210 Design of Operating Systems
CS3220 Processor Design
CS4210 Advanced Operating Systems
CS4220 Programming Embedded Systems
CS4230 Distributed Simulation Systems
CS4240 Compilers and Interpreters
CS4290 Advanced Computer Architecture
CS4777 Vector and Parallel Scientific Computing
ECE2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECE2031 Digital Design Lab (optional)
ECE4010 Computer Engineering Design
ECE4100 Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE4130 Advanced VLSI Systems
ECE4170 Introduction to HDLs with Applications to Digital System Design
ECE4175 Embedded Microcontroller Design

  • Graduate
Computer ScienceElectrical & Computer Engineering
CS6210 Advanced Operating Systems
CS6230 High-Performance Parallel Computing
CS6235 Real-Time System Concepts and Implementation
CS6238Secure Computer Systems
CS6236 Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems
CS6241 Design and Implementation of Compilers
CS6245 Compiling for Parallelism
CS6260 Applied Cryptography
CS6262 Network Security
CS6265 Information Security Lab
CS6290 High-Performance Computer Architecture
CS7110 Parallel Computer Architecture
CS7210 Distributed Computing
CS7260 Internet Architecture and Protocols
CS8803 Advanced Internet Application Development
CS8803 Memory Hierarchies and Program Locality
CS8803 Object-Oriented Systems and Languages
CS8803 Adv. Compiler Analysis and Optimization
CS8803 EPIC Architecture
CS8803 Designing Pervasive Computing Environments
CS8803 Intro to Information Security
CS8803 Formal Methods
ECE6101 Parallel & Distributed Computer Architecture
ECE6110 CAD for Computer Communication Networks
ECE6120 Automata Theory
ECE6121 Combinatorial Strategies for Engineers
ECE6130 Advanced VLSI Systems
ECE6132 Computer-Aided VLSI System Design
ECE6140 Digital Systems Test
ECE7102 RISC Architectures
ECE7131 Asynchronous and Self Timed Systems
ECE7141 Advanced Digital Systems Test
ECE7142 Fault Tolerant Computing
ECE8813 Dependable Distributed Systems
ECE8823 Experiential Computing Systems
ECE8833 EPIC Architecture
ECE8833 Designing Pervasive Computing Environments
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