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The CERCS Embedded and Real-Time Systems Group's research focus includes the development of tools and frameworks for the development of embedded, wired and wireless, real-time systems. The goal is to implement novel techniques at different levels of a system - e.g., application, middleware, operating system, hardware & software codesign, and networks - to support the high-performance and predictability needs of distributed embedded systems.


Karsten Schwan, Professor
Director of CERCS
Calton Pu, Professor
Co-Director of CERCS
Sudha Yalamanchili, Professor
Co-Director of CERCS
Umakishore Ramachandran, Professor
Krishna Palem, Professor
Santosh Pande, Associate Professor
Vince Mooney, Assistant Professor
Ken Mackenzie, Assistant Professor
Irfan Essa, Associate Professor
George Riley, Assistant Professor

Neil Bright
Yuan Chen
Lynn K. Daley
Greg Eisenhauer
Ivan Ganev
Ada Gavrilovska
Qi He
Jiantao Kong
Rajaram Krishnamurthy
Akbar Ladak
Christian Poellabauer
David Robinson
Matt Wolf
Balasubramanian Seshasayee
Dong Zhou
Himanshu Raj
Kyu Han Kim
Nandan Naik
Nikhil Goel
Sandip Agarwala
Hasan Abbasi
Arnab Paul
Bikash K Agarwalla
Jun-Suk Shin
Hasnain A. Mandviwala
Namgeun Jeong
Nissim Harel
Rajat Sharma
Sameer Adhikari
Matthew David Wolenetz
Yavor Angelov


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Contact information

Jennifer Chisholm
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280
Voice: 404-894-9760
FAX: 404-385-2295

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