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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
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    CERCS Technical Reports 2009

  • GIT-CERCS-09-01 Abstract PDF
    Gregory Diamos, Andrew Kerr, Mukil Kesavan,
    Translating GPU Binaries to Tiered SIMD Architectures with Ocelot

  • GIT-CERCS-09-02 Abstract PDF
    Pengcheng Xiong, Yushun Fan, Mengchu Zhou,
    A Petri Net Approach to Analysis and Composition of Web Services

  • GIT-CERCS-09-03 Abstract PDF
    David Bauer, Douglas M. Blough, Apurva Mohan,
    Redactable Signatures on Data with Dependencies

  • GIT-CERCS-09-04 Abstract PDF
    Minki Cho, Nikhil Sathe, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Saibal Mukhopadhyay,
    Thermal Field Management for Many-core Processors

  • GIT-CERCS-09-05 Abstract PDF
    David Bauer, Douglas M. Blough,
    Analysis of a Redactable Signature Scheme on Data with Dependencies

  • GIT-CERCS-09-06 Abstract PDF
    Andrew Kerr, Gregory Diamos, Sudhakar Yalamanchili,
    A Characterization and Analysis of GPGPU Kernels

  • GIT-CERCS-09-07 Abstract PDF
    Qinyi Wu, Calton Pu,
    Consistency in Real-time Collaborative Editing Systems Based on Partial Persistent Sequences

  • GIT-CERCS-09-08 Abstract PDF
    Raul Santelices, Mary Jean Harrold,
    SPA: Symbolic Program Approximation for Scalable Path-sensitive Analysis

  • GIT-CERCS-09-09 Abstract PDF
    Qinyi Wu, Calton Pu, Danesh Irani,
    Cosmos: A Wiki Data Management System

  • GIT-CERCS-09-10 Abstract PDF
    Dongwon Lee, Wayne Wolf,
    Power- and area-efficient single SISO architecture of Turbo decoder

  • GIT-CERCS-09-11 Abstract PDF
    Apurva Mohan, David Bauer, Douglas M. Blough, Mustaque Ahamad, Bhuvan Bamba, Ramkumar Krishnan, Ling Liu, Daisuke Mashima, Balaji Palanisamy,
    A Patient-centric, Attribute-based, Source-verifiable Framework for Health Record Sharing

  • GIT-CERCS-09-12 Abstract PDF
    Gregory Diamos, Sudhakar Yalamanchili,
    Speculative Execution On Multi-GPU Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-09-13 Abstract PDF
    David Hilley,
    Cloud Computing: A Taxonomy of Platform and Infrastructure-level Offerings

  • GIT-CERCS-09-14 Abstract PDF
    James Clause, Alessandro Orso,
    Camouflage: Automated Sanitization of Field Data

  • GIT-CERCS-09-15 Abstract PDF
    Yun Li, Ling Liu,
    Mobile Identity Management: Concepts, Issues, and Techniques

  • GIT-CERCS-09-16 Abstract PDF
    Yuehua Wang, Ling Liu, Calton Pu, Gong Zhang,
    GeoCast An Efficient Overlay System for Multicast Applications

  • GIT-CERCS-09-17 Abstract PDF
    Nak Hee Seong, Dong Hyuk Woo, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    Security Refresh: Prevent Malicious Wear-out and Increase Durability for Phase-Change Memory with Dynamically Randomized Address Mapping

  • GIT-CERCS-09-18 Abstract PDF
    Gregory Diamos,
    The Design and Implementation Ocelot's Dynamic Binary Translator from PTX to Multi-Core x86

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