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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
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    CERCS Technical Reports 2007

  • GIT-CERCS-07-01 Abstract PDF
    Ali Hisham Malik, Alexander G. Gray,
    Tradenet: A Collaborative Stock Trading System

  • GIT-CERCS-07-02 Abstract PDF
    Sandip Agarwala, Fernando Alegre, Karsten Schwan, Jegannathan Mehalingham,
    E2EProf: Automated End-to-End Performance Management for Enterprise Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-03 Abstract PDF
    Subramanian Ramaswamy, Sudhakar Yalamanchili,
    Adaptive Cache Placement for Scientific Computation

  • GIT-CERCS-07-04 Abstract PDF
    Richard M. Yoo, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    Adaptive Transaction Scheduling for Transactional Memory Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-05 Abstract PDF
    Balasubramanian Seshasayee, Ripal Nathuji, Karsten Schwan,
    Energy-aware Mobile Service Overlays: Cooperative Dynamic Power Management in Distributed Mobile Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-06 Abstract PDF
    Radhika Niranjan, Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan, Priyanka Tembey,
    Towards IQ-Appliances: Quality-awareness in Information Virtualization

  • GIT-CERCS-07-07 Abstract PDF
    Aameek Singh, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Ling Liu,
    Efficient and Secure Search of Enterprise File Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-08 Abstract PDF
    Sanjay Kumar, Sandip Agarwala, Karsten Schwan,
    Netbus: A Transparent Mechanism for Remote Device Access in Virtualized Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-09 Abstract PDF
    Dong Hyuk Woo, Joshua B. Fryman, Allan D. Knies, Marsha Eng, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    POD: A Parallel-On-Die Architecture

  • GIT-CERCS-07-10 Abstract PDF
    David Bauer, Douglas Blough, David Cash,
    Minimum Information Disclosure with Efficiently Verifiable Credentials

  • GIT-CERCS-07-11 Abstract PDF
    Lenin Singaravelu, Bernhard Kauer, Alexander Boettcher, Hermann Hertig, Calton Pu, Gueyoung Jung, Carsten Weinhold,
    Enforcing Configurable Trust in Client-side Software Stacks by Splitting Information Flow

  • GIT-CERCS-07-12 Abstract PDF
    Sangeetha Seshadri, Brian F. Cooper, Ling Liu,
    CubeCache: Efficient and Scalable Processing of OLAP Aggregation Queries in a Peer-to-Peer Network

  • GIT-CERCS-07-13 Abstract PDF
    Anand Murugappan, Ling Liu,
    A SpatioTemporal Placement Model for Caching Location Dependent Queries

  • GIT-CERCS-07-14 Abstract PDF
    Lenin Singaravelu, Jinpeng Wei, Calton Pu,
    A Secure Middleware Architecture for Web Services

  • GIT-CERCS-07-15 Abstract PDF
    Cyrus Harvesf, Douglas M. Bloug,
    The Design and Evaluation of Techniques for Route Diversity in Distributed Hash Tables

  • GIT-CERCS-07-16 Abstract PDF
    Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Pinar Korkmaz, Sung Kyu Lim,
    ILP-based Supply and Threshold Voltage Assignment For Total Power Minimization

  • GIT-CERCS-07-17 Abstract PDF
    Bhuvan Bamba, Ling Liu,
    PRIVACYGRID: Supporting Anonymous Location Queries in Mobile Environments

  • GIT-CERCS-07-18 Abstract PDF
    Subramanian Ramaswamy, Sudhakar Yalamanchili,
    Improving Cache Efficiency via Resizing + Remapping

  • GIT-CERCS-07-19 Abstract PDF
    Himanshu Raj, Balasubramanian Seshasayee, Karsten Schwan,
    VMedia: Enhanced Multimedia Services in Virtualized Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-20 Abstract PDF
    Sanjay Kumar, Vanish Talwar, Ripal Nathuji, Partha Ranganathan, Karsten Schwan,
    M-Channels and M-Brokers: New Abstractions for Co-ordinated Management in Virtualized Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-21 Abstract PS
    Sangeetha Seshadri, Ling Liu, Lawrence Chiu, Cornel Constantinescu, Subashini Balachandran,
    A Recovery Conscious Framework for Fault Resilient Storage Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-07-22 Abstract PDF
    Himanshu Raj, Karsten Schwan,
    O2S2: Enhanced Object-based Virtualized Storage

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