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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems
Center for Experimental Research
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    CERCS Technical Reports 2008

  • GIT-CERCS-08-01 Abstract PDF
    Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Jeff Young, Jose Duato, Federico Silla,
    A Dynamic, Partitioned Global Address Space Model for High Performance Clusters

  • GIT-CERCS-08-02 Abstract PDF
    Kangtao Kendall Chuang, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan,
    A Virtualized Quality of Service Packet Scheduling Accelerator

  • GIT-CERCS-08-03 Abstract PDF
    Anand Murugappan, Ling Liu,
    An Energy Efficient Approach to Processing Spatial Alarms on Mobile Clients

  • GIT-CERCS-08-04 Abstract PDF
    Sangeetha Seshadri, Ling Liu, Lawrence Chiu, Cornel Constantinescu,
    A Recovery Conscious Framework for Fault Resilient Storage Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-08-05 Abstract PDF
    Sanjay Kumar, Vanish Talwar, Vibhore Kumar, Partha Ranganathan, Karsten Schwan,
    vManage: Coordinated Cross-Layer Management in Virtualized Systems

  • GIT-CERCS-08-06 Abstract PDF
    Balasubramanian Seshasayee, Karsten Schwan,
    Creating Efficient Execution Platforms with V(irtualized) Services

  • GIT-CERCS-08-07 Abstract PDF
    Bhavan Bumba, Ling Liu, Philip S. Yu,
    Scalable Processing of Spatial Alarms

  • GIT-CERCS-08-08 Abstract PDF
    Simon Malkowski, Calton Pu,
    Experimental Evaluation of N-Tier Systems: Finding Bottlenecks beneath Low Average Resource Utilization

  • GIT-CERCS-08-09 Abstract PDF
    Bhuvan Bamba, Ling Liu, Philip S. Yu,
    Safe Region Techniques for Fast Spatial Alarm Evaluation

  • GIT-CERCS-08-10 Abstract PDF
    Jeffrey Young, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Federico Silla, Jose Duato,
    A HyperTransport-Enabled Global Memory Model For Improved Memory Efficiency

  • GIT-CERCS-08-11 Abstract PDF
    Dong Hyuk Woo, Joshua B. Fryman, Allan D. Knies, Hsien-Hsin S. Lee,
    Chameleon: Virtualizing Idle Acceleration Cores of A Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processor for Caching and Prefetching

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