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Intel IXA Laboratory

The Intel IXA lab provides a set of remotely accessible programmable network processors and host servers for classes, class project and research work in CoC and ECE. The laboratory arrangement supports novel work in both networking and network interface design.

Overview of current IXP2400 ILab cluster

Current status of ILAB nodes (kernel image, connections, etc.)

Old IXP1200 ILab cluster


  • 2 Netronome NFE-i800 acceleration cards with Intel IXP2855 in KACB1201 (hakkinen and mansell).
  • PCI-Express Virtex 4 FPGA cards
  • 20 Radisys ENP2611 network processors boards (Intel IXP2400) in eight Dell Power Edge machines.
  • 1 Intel IXDP2850 development platform
  • 20 Radisys ENP2505 network processor boards (Intel IXP1200)
  • 35 Intel IXP1200 evaluation boards in standalone PCI cages
  • 100T and gigabit networking
  • Logic analyzers and other test equipment

Critical Systems Lab

The CSL is focused on critical computing systems for real-time, embedded and highly dependable applications. Research topics include computer architecture, network interfaces and cluster systems, operating system kernels, fault-tolerant computing and embedded systems. 


Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems