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Day 0 - Industry Advisory Board Day
Wednesday, Oct. 18
Location: Salon Three
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Technology Square
800 Spring Street, NW, Atlanta 30308

6:30-7:00PMCocktails | Pre-Registration
Day 1
Thursday, Oct. 19
Location: Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, Conference Four
8:30-9:00AMRegistration | Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:30AMWelcome, Introductions and Meeting Overview, Karsten Schwan, CERCS Director
9:30-11:45AMSESSION I: New Initiatives I: Multicore Systems - Ada Gavrilovska, Santosh Pande
  9:30-10:30AM Panel - Hot Topics: DOE - Jeff Vetter/Philip Roth, Intel - Raj Yavatkar/Sunil Saxena
 10:30-11:45AM Research Presentations:
 Introspective Multicore Architecture, Hsien-Hsin Lee
 Trusted Passages: Managing Trust Properties of Open Distributed Overlays, Mustaque Ahamad
 Multiple Chores on Multi-cores: Beyond Parallel Computing, Santosh Pande
 Self-Virtualized I/O: Scalable I/O Virtualization in Multi-core Systems, Himanshu Raj
 Multi-core Curriculum Development, Ada Gavrilovska
11:45-1:00PMLunch/Discussions (includes NSF Evaluation)
1:00-2:45PMSESSION II: New Initiatives II: Dual Sessions:
1. HPC + Server Scaleout - Matt Wolf (Conference Two)
2. Health Systems - Doug Blough (Conference Three)
1. HPC:1:00-1:45PM Panel - Hot Topics:
 Cisco - Jeff Squyres
 IBM - Dilma DaSilva
 ORNL - Scott Klasky
 Sandia - Ron Oldfield
 1:45-2:45PM Research Presentations:
 Peta-scale Storage for High End Computing, Greg Eisenhauer
  , Matthew Wolf
2. Health:1:00-1:45PM Panel - Hot Topics:
 HSI/Childern's Healtcare - Paula Edwards
 McKesson - Kevin Ilsen
 Cleveland Clinic Health Systems - Keith Fricke
 Ohio State University - Rajiv Ramnah
 1:45-2:45PM Research Presentations:
 Health Care Information Systems Research in CERCS, Doug Blough
  , Ling Liu
  , Hongyan Zha
3:00-4:00PMCERCS: Keynote: Raj Yavatkar, Intel Corporation
(College of Management, Rm 200
800 West Peachtree St. NW
4:00-6:00PMPoster Session: CERCS/Industry and Federally Funded Research - Gabriel Loh
(College of Management, Rm 200 Lobby)
7:00-9:00PMIndustry and Advisory Board Dinner (Conference Seven, Georgia Tech Hotel and Conf. Center)
Update on CETI Interactions/Distributed Enterprise Systems Lab
Day 2
Friday, Oct. 20
Location: Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, Conference Four
8:30-9:00AMRegistration | Continental Breakfast
9:00-11:30AMSESSION III: Dual Sessions:
1. From Enterprise to Service Systems - Ling Liu, Calton Pu (Conference Two)
2. Architecture/OS Breakout - Hsien-Hsin Lee (Conference Three)
1. Enterprise: 9:00-10:00AM Panel - Hot Topics:
 ATT - Matti Hilttunen
 Delta Air Lines - Rawls Whittlesey
 IBM - David Kaminsky
 HP - Subu Iyer
 LogicBlox - Molham Aref
 TCS - Vipul Shah
 Worldspan - Sameh Abdelaziz
 10:00-11:30AM Research Presentations:
  , Nick Feamster
  , Ling Liu
 Performance Isolation in Enterprise Systems, Mohamed Mansour (Schwan)
 Using Positive Tainting and Syntax-Aware Evaluation to Counter SQL Injection Attacks, Alex Orso
  , Calton Pu
 Collaborative for Enterprise Transformation and Innovation, Rajiv Ramnath
2. Architecure: 9:00-10:00AM Panel - Hot Topics: Bryan Black - Intel, Murali Annavaram - Intel
 10:00-11:30AM Research Presentations:
 Exploiting Network-near Programmability: From Smart NICs to Information Appliances, Ada Gavrilovska
 Netbus: A Transparent Mechanism for Remote Device Access in Virtualized Systems, Sanjay Kumar
 Improving Cost, Performance and Security of Memory Encryption and Authentication, Milos Prvulovic
 Pushing Performance, Efficiency and Sclability of Microprocessors, Gabriel Loh
11:30-1:00PMLunch/Discussions (Conference Dining Room - 1st Floor)
1:00-3:00PMSESSION IV: Mobile/Embedded Systems and Applications - Sudha Yalamanchili
  1:00-1:45PM Panel - Hot Topics:
 Motorola - Nitya Narasimhan
 Network Appliance - Rahul Iyer
 1:45-3:00PM Research Presentations:
 Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks, Mostafa Ammar
 Measuring and Explaining Differences in Wireless Simulation Models, George Riley
 RF2ID: A Reliable Middleware Framework for RFID Deployment, Kishore Ramachandran
  , Pete Manolios
  , Hsien-Hsin Lee
3:00-3:15PMWrapup - Karsten Schwan

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