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CERCS Students Receive Intel Student Fellowship Awards

Intel Corporation, one of the key technology companies in the U.S., has had consistently strong relationships with Georgia Tech and specifically, with GT's CERCS research center. This year, these relationships were strengthened further with awards of Curriculum and Equipment grants to CERCS researchers for multi-core instruction (Ada Gavrilovska, Hsien-Hsin Lee, Karsten Schwan, Matt Wolf), with research awards in the same domain (Karsten Schwan), and with two new student fellowships that address basic research problems for future multi-core machines:

1. Ripal Nathuji, an ECE student working with CERCS Co-directors Schwan and Yalamanchili, received a student fellowship for his research in the area of active power management for multi-core chips.

2. Keith OHara, a CoC student working with Profs. Balch and Schwan received a student fellowship for the exploration of future applications for multi-core computers in the domain of autonomous robotics.

These awards are not only indications of our increasingly strong working and research relationships with Intel Corporation, but they also demonstrate the fact that Georgia Tech has now become one of the largest suppliers of technical talent to Intel.

Karsten Schwan, Director, CERCS Research Center

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