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CERCS researchers Karsten Schwan, Richard Fujimoto, Mustaq Ahamad, Ada Gavrilovska, and Calton Pu are interacting with IBM and Intel Corporation in research on Future Hypervisor-based Operating Systems. A multi-year interaction of CERCS researchers with industry partners has been investigating the challenges and opportunities presented by hypervisor-based systems. CERCS students have worked with Dresden's micro-kernel group; they have developed hypervisors for IA32 platforms with IBM's TJWatson-based K42 group, and they have repeatedly interned at Intel Labs to help develop virtualization technologies for future Intel platforms. Beyond past and forthcoming research publications in this domain, a first concrete outcome of these interactions is a large-scale research grant from Intel's Research Council and Intel Labs for work on Scalable Hypervisors for Heterogeneous Multi-core Platforms, awarded to CERCS researchers Karsten Schwan and Richard Fujimoto. The award is helping fund an active community of CERCS graduate students to restructure the Xen hypervisor for scalable operation on future multi-core machines.

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