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October 2003

Scientific/Technical Computing
  • Message Evolution in High Performance Distributed Systems - middleware - Greg Eisenhauer, CoC. (seed funding)
  • Benchmark Development for Interactive Grid Applications - Matt Wolf, CoC. (seed funding)
Enterprise Computing
  • HARDIDS - Intrusion Detection Using Network Processors - network-level security - Wenke Lee and David Schimmel, CoC/ECE. (seed funding)
  • Towards Efficient Publishing and Delivering Dynamic Web Content - Ling Liu, CoC. (seed funding)
  • System Support for Online Resource Management - Karsten Schwan (Christian Poellabauer - fellowship), CoC. (IBM)
Embedded Computing
  • SOLAR - Semantics-Oriented Low-power Architecture - power awareness at the chip level - Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee, ECE. (seed funding)
  • Software Verification through Interface Analysis and Change Impact Analysis - Mary Jean Harrold, CoC. (Boeing)
  • Stampede.NET - Networked Sensors and Displays for Distributed Telepresence - Umakishore Ramachandran and James M. Rehg, CoC. (Microsoft)

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