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Workshop Agenda
Accommodations & Directions


Wednesday, Apr. 22
The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
800 Spring Street NW (Tech Square)

6:30-7:00PMCocktails | Reception

Thursday, Apr. 23
Klaus Advanced Computing Building 1116
266 Ferst Drive, NW, Atlanta 30332-0765

8:30-9:00AMWorkshop Opening and Goals - Karsten Schwan
9:00-10:50AMPosition Statement by Panel Leaders - Calton Pu
9:00-9:20AMPanel on Cloud Technologies - Enabling Technologies for Enterprise Clouds - Orran Krieger, VMware
9:20-9:40AMPanel on Cloud Management - Managing Future Clouds for Enterprise Applications - Matt Ellis, IBM
9:40-10:00AMPanel on 'Green' Cloud Technologies - Power Efficiency through Active Management - Hendrik Hamann, IBM Research
10:10-10:20AMPanel on Cloud Usage Models and Issues - Ajay Anand, Yahoo
10:20-10:40AMPanel on Cloud Applications - David O'Halloran, CMU/Intel Pittsburgh
10:40-10:50AMDiscussion | Wrap-up
11:00-12:00PMCERCS / CoC / ECE Distinguished Lecture and Keynote
Silicon Clouds: Raining Multicore Services
Dan Reed, Scalable and Multicore Computing Strategist
12:00-1:30PMLunch | Discussions
1:30-3:00PMBreakout Groups
- Orran Krieger - Jon Giffin / Ada Gavrilovska
- Matt Ellis/David O'Halloran - Karsten Schwan / Greg Eisenhauer
- Hendrik Hamann - Yogendra Joshi / Sudha Yalamanchili
- Ajay Anand - Ling Liu / Doug Blough/Matt Wolf
3:15-4:00PMPresentation of breakout group discussions
10 minutes each, clarification questions only
4:00-4:45PMOpen Discussion and Input
4:45-5:00PMWrap-up and Final Instructions
7:00-9:00PMWorkshop Visitors, CERCS Industry and Advisory Board Reception / Dinner
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
800 Spring Street NW (Tech Square)

Day 2 - CERCS Industry Advisory Board Meeting
Friday, Apr. 24
Klaus Advanced Computing Building 1116
266 Ferst Drive, NW, Atlanta 30332-0765

8:30-9:00AMRegistration and Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:30AMWelcome / Introductions / Overview
Ellen Zegura, School Chair - Computer Science
Karsten Schwan, CERCS Director
9:30-10:45AMNew Ideas and Directions - Sudhakar Yalamanchili
1. Getting the Most Out of Your Software Toolchain in the Age of Heterogeneous Manycore - Nate Clark
2. Flexible accelerator-based many-core architecture: harnessing on-chip resources to optimize performance for sequential and data-parallel applications - Hsien-Hsin Lee
3. Green Clouds - Power Consumption as a First Order Criterion - Ada Gavrilovska / Sudha Yalamanchili
4. A Research Agenda for Accelerating Adoption of Emerging Technologies in Complex Edge-to-Enterprise Systems - Rajiv Ramnath (CETI-CERCS - Ohio State)
5. Cloud Computing meets the Cancer Grid - Joel Saltz (Center for Comprehensive Informatics - Emory Univ.)
11:00-12:00PMCERCS / CoC / ECE Distinguished Lecture and Keynote
Dynamic Infrastructure Powers a Smarter Planet
Alan Ganek, CTO and Vice President for Software Strategy and Technology, IBM
12:00-1:30PMLunch | Discussions
NSF Evaluations - Vida Scarpello
1:30-3:00PMMature Projects - Doug Bloug
1. Generating Adaptation Policies for Multi-Tier Applications in Consolidated Server Environments - Gueyoung Jung (Calton Pu)
2. Temporal Streams -- Programming Abstractions for Distributed Live Stream Analysis Applications - David Hilley (Umakishore Ramachandran)
3. An Execution Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Many-Core Systems - Gregory Diamos (Sudha Yalamanchili)
4. A Patient-Centric Source-Verifiable Personal Health Record Repository - David Bauer (Doug Blough)
5. Extending High Performance I/O with Data Services - Mohamed Abbasi (Karsten Schwan, Matt Wolf)
3:00-3:30PMWrap-up - Karsten Schwan

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