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September 2006

Scientific/Technical Computing
  • Large-scale Facility for Education in High Performance Computing - Karsten Schwan, CoC (Intel)
  • Multi-core Curriculum Development -- Gavrilovska, Schwan, Wolf, CoC, H. Lee, ECE (Intel)
  • Scalable Hypervisors for Heterogeneous Multi-core Platforms - Richard Fujimoto, Karsten Schwan, CoC (Intel)
  • High Performance Data Movement for Optical Network Links - Greg Eisenhauer, CoC (RNet/DOE)
  • High Performance Data Exchange for Real-time Collaboration - Matt Wolf, CoC (Oak Ridge National Labs)
  • Scalable Scientific Data Management - Jay Lofstead, CoC (Sandia National Labs)
  • Dynamic Data Tapping, -- Wolf, Eisenhauer, Gavrilovska, CoC (Oak Ridge National Labs)
  • High Performance Dynamic Communication -- Wolf, Gavrilovska, Schwan, Coc (Cisco)
Enterprise Computing
  • Server System Performance - George Riley, ECE (Dell)
  • Autonomic Principles for Operational Middleware - Karsten Schwan, CoC (Delta Air Lines)
  • Efficient Deployment of Enterprise Applications - Calton Pu, CoC (HP)
  • Efficient Methods for Large-scale Component Testing - Mary Jean Harrold, CoC (TCS)
  • Scalable Data Management - Karsten Schwan, Jay Lofstead, CoC (Worldspan)
Embedded Computing
  • Optimizing Scientific Libraries for IBM Cell -- Pu, Santosh, Schwan, Bader, Essa, CoC (IBM)
  • New Compilation Methods for Multi-core Systems -- Santosh Pande, CoC (Intel)
  • Verification of Critical Software Systems - Pete Manolios, Mary Jean Harrold, CoC (Boeing)
  • Efficient Communication Methods for Extensible Vehicular Platforms - Richard Fujimoto, Karsten Schwan, CoC (Intel)
  • Middleware-aware Networks with Intel IXA Architecture - Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan, CoC (Intel)
  • IBM Faculty Grants: - Ling Liu, Mary Jean Harrold, Pete Manolios, Alex Orso, Karsten Schwan
  • Intel Student Fellowships: - Ripal Nathuji, Keith O'Hara, Shan Shan Huang, Sanjay Kumar

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