CERCS 2009 Fall CERCS IAB Workshop


Poster Session Program

Time: 5-7pm, Thursday, Oct 22, 2009

Location: KACB Atrium



A Sensitivity Analysis of a New Hardware-Supported Global Synchronization Unit
Elizabeth Lynch and George Riley


Dynamic Optimizations for Heterogeneous-ISA Systems

Gregory Diamos, Andrew Kerr, and Sudhakar Yalamanchili


Proactive Power Migration to Reduce Maximum Value and Spatiotemporal Non-uniformity of On-chip Temperature Distribution  in Homogeneous Many-Core Processors

Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Saibal Mukhopadhyay, Minki Cho, Nikhil Sathe, M. Gupta, S. Kumar


High Performance Management of Shared Caches in Multi-core Processors

Yuejian Xie and Gabriel H. Loh


HARE: Hardware Assisted Reverse Execution
Ioannis Doudalis and Milos Prvulovic


Opportunistic Computing: A New Paradigm for Scalable Computing on Many-Cores

Romain Cledat, Tushar Kumar and Santosh Pande


Handling Identity Agent Compromise in User-Centric Identity Management Systems

Daisuke Mashima and Mustaque Ahamad


Experimental Evaluation of N-tier Systems: Observation and Analysis of Multi-Bottlenecks

Simon Malkowski, Markus Hedwig, and Calton Pu


A Cost-Sensitive Adaptation Engine for Server Consolidation of Multi-tier Applications

Gueyoung Jung, Kaustubh Joshi, Matti Hiltunen, Richard Schlichting, and Calton Pu.


Large Online Social Footprints

Danish Irani and Calton Pu


Cosmos: A Wiki Data Management System

Qinyi Wu and Calton Pu


inTune: Inter-scheduler domain coordination for heterogeneous multicore platforms

Priyanka Tembey, Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan


HyVM: Hybrid Virtual Machines for Hetergoeneous Many-core Platforms

Vishakha Gupta and Karsten Schwan


Region scheduling in Xen for cache management Names

Min Lee, Karsten Schwan


EbAT: An Entropy based Online Anomaly Tester for Data Center Management

Chengwei Wang, Karsten Schwan, Matthew Wolf


Elastic-sized Hadoop Clusters
Hrishikesh Amur, James Cipar, Karsten Schwan, Greg Ganger

Dynamic Intercluster VM Migration in the Cloud

Scott McManus and Karsten Schwan


Efficient Power Budgeting in Virtualized Asymmetric Multicore Platforms

Vishal Gupta and Karsten Schwan


Asynchronous Data Services for HPC IO
Hasan Abbasi, Fang Zheng, Karsten Schwan


Asynchronous Data Management Services for HPC IO

Hasan Abbasi, Fang Zheng, Jay Lofstead, Matthew Wolf, Karsten Schwan


Synchronous Data Management Services for HPC IO

Jay Lofstead, Fang Zheng, Hasan Abbasi, Matthew Wolf, Karsten Schwan


The Streaming Cloud: A Case Study Using MapReduce and IP-TV
David Lillethun and Kishore Ramachandran

FlashFire: Overcoming the Performance Bottleneck of Flash Storage Technology

Hyoun Kim and Umakishore Ramachandran


iCloud: A Distributed Service Overlay for Scaling On-Demand IPTV Services

Shicong Meng and Ling Liu


State Monitoring in Datacenter Environments

Shicong Meng and Ling Liu


Spatial Alarms: Challenges and Techniques

Bhuvan Bamba and Ling Liu


PrivacyGrid: Supporting Anonymous Location Queries in Mobile Environments

Bhuvan Bamba, Ling Liu, Peter Pesti, and Ting Wang


XStar: Location Privacy-Aware Mobile Services over Road Networks
Ting Wang and Ling Liu


Proximity Privacy: Risk Analysis and A Unification Model

Ting Wang, Shicong Meng, Bhuvan Bamba, Ling Liu and Calton Pu


GPU VSIPL: Core and Beyond

 Andrew Kerr, Dan Campbell, Mark Richards


GPU Ocelot: a Binary Translator for PTX

Andrew Kerr, Gregory Diamos, Sudhakar Yalamanchili


Age Based Scheduling for Asymmetric Multiprocessors
Nagesh B Lakshminarayana, Jaekyu Lee and Hyesoon Kim
The Analysis of Software and Hardware Prefetching
Jaekyu Lee and Hyesoon Kim, and Richard Vuduc
Prospector: An Efficient Data Dependence Profiler To Help Parallel Programming
Minjang Kim, Chi-Keung Luk, and Hyesoon Kim