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CERCS Alumni Day and Computer Science and Engineering Technical Symposium

Dear Faculty and Alumni,

For Spring 2008, we are planning a multi-day event celebrating your achievements, our institution, and technical progress in Computer Science and Engineering. This note is to cordially invite you to participate in this event, to provide input and guidance, and if you have the time and desire, help plan its program.

April 2: Technical Symposium: Computer Science and Engineering in Industry and Academia: technical presentations by outside speakers, by our former students, panels and discussion sessions.

April 3: CERCS Alumni Day: Focus on our Alumni: Panels, Discussion Sessions, Sharing your Experiences with our current students, Poster Session and Reception.

April 4: CERCS Advisory Board meeting: Reviewing ongoing research, with technical presentations by GT faculty and students involved in industry/university interactions.

For alumni, our desire is to have you return to Georgia Tech for an informative and fun visit, where you can interact with each other and with us to celebrate your achievements, your technical work and interests, share your experiences with your fellow alumni and our current students, and contribute your insights to your former 'home'. In the longer term, we hope to create and maintain an alumni network for your collective future benefit. For this year, the detailed program for these days is still being planned and in fact, we would much like your input on what would interest you most concerning this event. Please do so by responding to this email and/or by registing your interest in the form included below.

Thanks much for your interest, and we are all looking forward to seeing you back at Georgia Tech this April.

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I will attend: (please select all that apply)
   Alumni Day April 3
   CERCS IAB Meeting April 4
   Technology Symposium April 2

Alumni Day Program Participation: (please select all that apply)
   I could participate with a presentation
   I could participate on a panel
   I will not be able to participate in the Alumni Day program


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