CoC/ECE Summer Program for Women and Minorities

2004 SUMMER DAY CAMP jointly sponsored by CoC and ECE ICE@Tech (Institute for Computing Education )


To increase high school girls' and minority students' awareness of, interest and confidence in pursuing computing. To provide them with exposure to the field of computing and related opportunities.

Who is eligible:

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors from public and private high schools are being invited to apply. Camp capacity is 30 students per session.


Students will be asked to go one day without the use of a computer of any kind and write an essay about how our society would be different if there were no computers . Applications should include the essay, a recommendation letter from a teacher, fall semester grades and the latest standardized test scores available for that student.

Selection criteria:

Participants will be selected because they have demonstrated talent in math and science. No prior experience in computer programming is preferred. Our primary goal is to expose students to the pervasiveness and breadth of computing and the exciting ways it is connected to a variety of disciplines, including art, biology, psychology, sociology, sociobiology, environmental studies, medicine, etc.


Each camp will be 5 days in length and will involve hands on experiences, field trips to labs and computer related businesses, guest lecturers, and social activities. Friday afternoon will be spent with parents in a demo session.

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